Stop Staring! Beautiful Vintage Style Dresses & Retro Clothing.

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Hey Nubians,

This dress makes you never want to STOP STARING. 

If you want a dress that makes you feel absolutely sexy and beautiful without having to show so much skin all the time you must head over to Stop Staring Clothing. They have absolutely stunning vintage style dresses & retro clothing. Also, there dresses fit me like a glove and I love the silhouette they give me. You can see other Stop Staring dresses I've worn here and here

I decided to go with a 2 piece this time instead of a 1 piece dress. I decided it added a little flirty sensation to the look. I am also completely smitten with the big flower pattern on the dress. They look like tropical flowers. Something about tropical flowers makes me smile.... they make me think of planning a beautiful vacation.

I'm looking forward to pairing the top of this vintage inspired set with another bottom sometime soon. The colors are so vibrant and gorgeous. 

Wearing Cole Haan peep toed heels. 

Photos by Theresa Taylor. Check her out - Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Flickr

Seriously if you ever need to look glamorous for an event or just for fun, head over to Stop Staring Clothing and shop. It's one of the top 5 places I would recommend for a dress for a special occasion or some nice retro glam.


Xo Nubia Xo
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