Cool Vendors & Geeky Goodness at Liberty City Anime Con 2017.

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Hey My Beautiful Nubians,

Every time I go to a convention I try to visit the vendors and support either by buying items I like, taking photos of them tables, or sometimes both! At Liberty City Anime Con there was a lot of nice & nerdy trinkets for you to admire. Your geek girl or geek boy desires would have been very pleased. There was tons of anime art, cool pocket watches with characters on them such as Batman, Superman, Harry Potter of even Tim Burton characters. You'll also see a bunch of super kawaii clothing, silverware, accessories, & more. Unfortunately I couldn't get everyones information and not everyone had business cards, but if you like something and the information isn't listed, shoot me a message and I will try to find out where it's from. 

Creativity keeps the world going round. Always support artists and people adding more beauty & harmless creations that fill our hearts. Creating is hard and it is a labor of passion most times.  

I think these pocket watches are nifty and they would make a great unique gift. They also have a great variety of characters in the pop culture realm so if you're into a certain comicbook, video game or animal... odds are they got you covered.  These guys have a shop on ebay, you'll see their business card photographed below if you want more information.

Wingbot is a cute shop that has a lot of adorable items. They have the cutest little hand made hair pins, silverware with bunnies and cats, and accessories for your room and phone. For the beauty lovers out there, they even have snail sheet mask! They have a lot more beauty and fashionable items on their website. Their main focus is to bring unique and quality items from locales such as Japan, China, and S. Korea to the United States. 

I didn't get this ladies name but her art was nice. I liked that their was a lot of females looking tough and having fun. 

Below was another shop that had a lot of nice accessories. I was mainly attracted to their ear cuffs. 

Lovers of ruffles, pleats and cute trims, these are for you. 

I've been wanting to get one of these clear backpacks for a while, they're so neat! You can throw all sorts of random, colorful things in there. 

This lady was very focused on her art. Make sure to check her out.

Gumi earrings! Kickin Rad is a nice little shop for jewelry. They also have Lego pieces, candy, animals & more for their earrings and rings. 

I loved these little buttons and book tabs. 

If you're into Sweet & Gothic Lolita fashion Twylite Fashion is a good place to browse. 

These rings had me craving something sweet!

Lastly I fell in love with Mint and Apple. This artist is obsessed with bunnies the same way I'm obsessed with Chihuahuas. I've made artwork before with the words "Crazy Chihuahua Lady" so I thought it was funny she had shirts that say "Crazy Bunny Lady" on them. Her work is so freaken cute. If you know anyone who loves bunny, you can't go wrong gifting them something from her shop. 

I had a lot of fun roaming the Liberty City Anime Con and discovering new creative people. I hope you'll check some of these out. Cheers! 

Xo Nubia Xo

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