My Fantastic Mrs. Fox Cosplay At New York Comic Con.

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Hello Nubians,

"We are all different but there's something FANTASTIC about that, isn't there?"

I am a lover of almost every Wes Anderson film ever I've seen. From the story line, the whimsical characters, the fashion and beauty, the gorgeous colors and decor, it's all amazing! One of the first films that got me into Wes Anderson was an animated film called Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) based on the popular Roald Dahl book. Mr. and Mrs. Fox in the movie are voiced by George Clooney and Meryl Streep and they do a great job together. 

About the Film.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is about a fox family. The head of the household Mr. Fox can't leave behind his farm raiding ways to live a peaceful life. Mrs. Fox is always trying to make sure he's behaving but I guess some habits are hard to kick and he always tells her white lies. After Mr. Fox gets his whole community in trouble and some farmers he raided try to get revenge, he must find a way to save and protect his community. 

It's a very funny and charming movie. There are other very fun characters besides Mr. and Mrs. Fox that you'll get to know and love too. 

 About The Cosplay.

I always thought Mrs. Fox was sassy and daring so naturally, I wanted to cosplay her. My friend Mary which helped me with my Gambit cosplay also helped me out making this dress. We purchased the yellow fabric and she hand painted the apples! Isn't that awesome? I'm forever thankful. She also made the ears which we purchased faux fur for because they looked nicer than the ears we already found made in the stores. I purchased the wig at AliExpress and didn't have to make any changes to it thankfully. It was already perfect to me. I had the gloves already which I purchased at a thrift store many years ago. Everything else kind of just came together. I purchased the blue contacts at loveshoppingholics, I've had good experiences with them and consider them a safe site for something as sensitive as contact lenses. 

I did the fox makeup with basic halloween makeup I purchased at Walgreens. The trick is to use regular concealer under the face paint and then when it's all done make sure you go over it with a finishing powder. This way the makeup doesn't look oily being that it's not the best quality. By adding a finishing powder you give it a nice matte finish and it makes it look like you used a better product. I pretty much just did the fox makeup free hand and looked at some photos for reference here and there. I was very happy with the final results! 

Back to back comparison.  

Mrs. Fox and her friend Aladdin. 

A beautiful, complicated relationship like many. 

Thinking of joining Josie and the PussyCats. 

"Because I'm a wild animal"

As I mentioned prior with my Ghost Rider and Gambit cosplays, New York Comic Con was tons of fun. I loved putting this cosplay together and walking around with my sassy fox tail. 

Have you watched Fantastic Mr. Fox? If not, you totally should! Do you have a favorite Wes Anderson film? 


Xo Nubia Xo

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