Hunger Magazine- Nadia Araujo Photographed by Arved Colvin-Smith.

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Hey Nubians, 

Take a look at this super fun fashion editorial of model Nadia Araujo photographed by Arved Colvin-Smith for Hunger Magazine. I like the vibe this editorial has going on: Bold, Vibrant, Beautiful, Fun. I wear bright colors year round, but I like that during Spring and Summer I see more of it in the streets. It literally light up the streets! I get very inspired by that. I believe every person has an inner fashionista waiting to break out. 

I like the mixed patterns and loose silhouettes theme in this editorial. The textures are off the wall! That's something I don't play around with so much and should, mixing textures. Nadia Araujo is also sporting the bold eyeliner beauty trend that has been floating around. It looks so pretty!

I enjoy seeing the movements Nadia Araujo is making while wearing the clothing, it's almost like she's the young, wild and free dancer. It also shows off the volume and details of the garments while they're flying in the air.

Publication: Hunger Magazine. 
Photography: Arved Colvin-Smith. 
Styled by: Kim Howells 
Hair: Adrian Clark. 
Makeup: James O’Riley. 
Model: Nadia Araujo

Absolutely smitten with these. 

The Blueberry pleated skirt below is absolutely gorgeous.


Xo Nubia Xo 

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