Coco's Lash Bar Vegan Eye Lashes!

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Hello Nubians, 

Vegan Eye Lashes That Stand The Test Of Time! 

When your makeup is looking on point, contouring is great, lipstick looks cool, brows are divine, eyeshadow is popping... lashes are the perfect way to kick it up a notch. I was gifted a pair of Coco's Lash Bar Eye Lashes and they are so freaken pretty! First off, lets start with that fact that they're vegan. It's very nice to have a pair of vegan eye lashes available for people with certain lifestyles who are particular about the products they use. They are made out of luxury faux fibers which means they last long and are re-usable. If you take good care of them, you can get up to 10 wears out of them! That's amazing being that they retail at $10.00. Just make sure you clean them well if you want to re-use them... wouldn't want to infect your eye. 



I love the length and how light they feel. One of my pet peeves about certain false eye lashes is when they feel heavy on your eyes, so annoying! Coco's Lash Bar eyelashes are absolute perfection for the weekend and you can feel good about what you're wearing on your eyes and what it's made from. 

Let's face it, your eyes look so much more appealing with false eye lashes. It just brightens up your whole face! I'm not one to wear them everyday but some people do. I wear them for special occasions and girls night out.

You can visit Coco's Lash Bar super cute website by clicking HERE. I think they're definitely worth a try. Even more if you're obsessed with eyelashes.

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