Creative Photography & Sung Hee Kim for Allure US June 2016

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It's All In The Detail...

When's the last time you tried to step up your photography or creative direction skills? 

Sung Hee Kim is photographed by Ben Hassett for Allure US June 2016. Styled by Chloe Metzger. Hair by Christian Eberhard. Make-up by Georgina Graham.  

Lately I've been paying a lot of attention to photography and creative direction, more so than usual. I think this has part to do with the fact that I work a few days at a beauty school and I get to see students trying to be creative and innovative all the time which drives me to push myself. 

Even us individuals who blog try our best to photograph our clothing with great atmospheres and detail when we have the time, appropriate help or sometimes even a tripod. When you do it for a long time though, it's hard not to hit some sort of creative block however. I like to look at how the professionals do it for inspiration.

I found Sung Hee Kim for Allure US photographed by Ben Hassett to spark an exciting energy in me. I am very impressed and mesmerized with how the makeup done by Georgina Graham plays so nicely with the water. It's very beautiful and serene.

I have done a lot of makeup photography on Nubia's Nonsense but none of it every really played with elements of nature... might have to be something I explore soon.

Gorgeous glitter eyes, great look for a party. I would love to rock the glitter eyes especially with an all white outfit... fancy. 

Do you enjoy playing with photography? Let's not forget to always try to keep our creative game flowing. 

Xo Nubia Xo

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