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Hi Nubians,

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. -Albert Einstein 

Lately I have been soooo busy which explains the lack of updating my blog. I'm moving and it's been turning my world upside down. I hate moving! The good thing is as they say, change is good. I'll be moving to a cooler neighborhood and a nicer more modern apartment which makes me very happy. 

I have a lot of great plans this year and have been feeling very grateful lately. Projects revolving fashion, beauty, geeky things and art. I'm on a journey to reach a new level within myself and what I love this year. It's extremely exciting. I've learned that so many of us unintentionally hold ourselves back sometimes... it's almost like a strange self sabotage and we all must make sure we're not doing it!!!

Below are a few random photos I pulled from my instagram of things I been up to lately. 

Over the weekend I went to GoldSpike which is one of my favorite places to go and hangout in Vegas. I played tons of beer pong with people and was totally killing it ha ha good times. 

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Not really sure why I featured this photo. I like photographing pretty things and yummy drinks.

I made this bookmark of one of the chihuahua characters I created for one of my coworkers. She loves it.  I call him Chico Suave.  You'll be seeing some of my cute cartoons on Etsy soon. 

Girls night with my ladies Jasmin and Sunny. We had yummy noodles at Itsy Bitsy and caught up. 

Love this new red lip I purchased from NYX cosmetics. 

I started reading The Manual Of The Warrior Of The Light and It's Very Good. I definitely recommend it. 

Margarita mamasita. 

I work at g Aveda Salon and spa at Downtown Summerlin and I love this Juice shop Nekter over there. The juices are soooo yummy. 

Here are a cute pair of computer glasses I purchased recently. They have tinted lenses that protect me from UV lights.  
Focusing on balance.  

Photo booth fun with my friend Lily.  

Can't wait to play with these NYX cosmetics colors I purchased. I have a fun tutorial in mind coming soon. 
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Me and my babies! They are my world. 

Hope you've all been having a nice last few days. 


Xo Nubia Xo

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