Super Models x Marvel Comics For Garage Magazine.

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Hello Nubians,

You would think Marvel Comics and Fashion is a great mix, right? 

I love Marvel Comics, and I love the super models featured in GARAGE Magazine talking about their favorite super heroes but I do not like the way this editorial was put together. 

For New York Fashion Week, Garage Magazine collaborated with Marvel to bring a Heroic experience to the world of fashion. I read that GARAGE was suppose to transform these models into Marvel's most powerful women and I do not pick up that vibe at all. Maybe I'm taking this a tad bit personal because of my love for Marvel comics and fashion. 

Most of you know I'm a bit of a geek girl and I love going to Comic Con and cosplaying and reading comics books (which I need to make more time for!) so I just think this could have been done much, much better. I enjoyed the article way more than the photography. Get a few details about the story HERE

It says they are "styled as" the super heroes but honestly no characteristics or anything from the heroes translates in these photos for me. I'm not saying that the models had to cosplay at all, but even through the hair, makeup and clothing, they could have represented the characters better... maybe some props or something! How can you mix Marvel and fashion and come up with something so... plain. How do you mix 2 fearless worlds that are oozing with inspiration, color, and life and make it look so ordinary? This could have been something great with these top models but it just wasn't.  

The five special edition covers feature Adriana Lima as She-Hulk, Candice Swanepoel as Spider-Gwen, Karlie Kloss as Black Widow, Lexi Boling as Captain Marvel, and Cuba Tornado Scott as Thor. The font is the only thing that reminds me of the comics. Below you can see for yourself. 

Styled by GARAGE Fashion Director Charlotte Stockdale, with beauty direction by Pat McGrath.

How is this styled as She-Hulk? Are you kidding? This looks like a regular photo taken on any given day.  

Spider Gwen? Just looks like a model in an athletic top to me. 

Thor? I mean... the studs I guess. Blah. 

Black widow with a mushroom haircut... I see. Honestly she might have done it best though. 

Am I suppose to assume Captain Marvel because of the damn star on the jacket? Get real. 

Like I said before, the models are all awesome but I ain't digging it. I think no true Marvel fan would care much for this. Honestly, I'm surprised Marvel even let this fly. There are a lot of girls out there like myself who have comics and fashion in their daily lives. We would have loved to see a bit more of imagination in this. 

The one thing I did like is that they tried to compare some of the models characteristics to their characters in the article. You can check that out on GARAGE HERE. These ladies are pretty bad ass. 

Hopefully someone will do something like this with Marvel again soon and spice it up a bit. 


Xo Nubia Xo

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