Because Dita Von Teese Is A Master Seductress.

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"The great seductresses in history knew that it isn’t just about trying to look sexy or pretty; it’s an art and one becomes skillful in it when she realizes that there are all these conflicting elements that all come together to make something magical." -Dita Von Teese

I saw this Dita Von Teese video late last year on Funny or Die and I thought I'd share it with you all. To me, Dita is a woman with a lot of power. I say that because I believe she's a master seductress. She's smart, pretty, a business woman, talented, well-spoken, she has so many features that make her 'sexy'. 

Anyway, the point of me sharing this video is because I find it very funny. She can pretty much look sexy doing. Whether she's flossing, wearing a bluetooth headset, filing quarterly taxes, microwaving a meal, she's got it on lock. Ok, ok it kind of helps she's in lingerie but still! It's more than that. 

It kind of makes me feel like we can't take everything so seriously all the time. Dita has been quoted saying it's not always about being sexy or pretty, a true seductress knows it's an art containing a lot of elements. I rather be considered a seductress!

We shouldn't over think everything. I often find the sexiest people I meet are happy, outgoing, kind and confident people. They don't have to be covered in pounds of makeup or be a master stylist. Sometimes those people may be covering their sexiness a bit. I suppose we all have a different definition of everything. But I personally feel when I try too hard to be sexy, it defeats the purpose. 

Any-who, If you feel like a good laugh and haven't seen this video before, check it out! And remember to always carry yourself like a lady and a boss! And without even noticing it... you'll be looking sexy as hell. MUAH! 


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