The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide For Your Stylish, Geeky Friend.

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Hey Nubians, 

Awesome friends give awesome gifts! 

Never fear! I am here to give you some great gift ideas for your beautiful friends this holiday season. From dresses, shoes, purses, makeup and more. I think we've all been hearing the christmas bells ringing.

I think the secret to giving fabulous gifts is to get a bit personal. You have to know what kind of style your friend rocks, what does she watch on TV?, What does she like to read? What does she do on the weekends? This way you can get a vibe of things your friend will enjoy that are a bit out of the ordinary. 

Below I have made a gift guide that matches my characteristics a bit that some of your friends might have too! Fun, bright, nostalgic, geeky, outgoing, and peaceful. Something for every occasion. 

This fringe dress speaks volumes. It's stunning and would be perfect for New Years Eve. You can find it at Asos HERE

Even though I like to be fun and bright ,I'm loving the minimal design of this Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera .  This is a great gift for anyone because it's small and prints cool photos right away. Check out this fun Polaroid camera on Amazon HERE
This Novelty Eye Mini Zip Purse from TopShop is so kawaii. It's something fun to throw in a bigger purse and carry your money in. Check it out HERE

I love foxes! When I saw this adorable scarf from ModCloth I immediately knew it would make the cutest gift. It looks pretty warm too and of course is cruelty free. Check it out HERE.

Everyday is a good day to feel like a Queen and wear your crown. I love this gla.MAR.ous royal beanie. The hot pink color will make any outfit pop and the detail on the crown is so pretty! Check it out HERE.
You may have seen ColourPop all over YouTube lately, they have some beautiful matte lip colors. I thought this was a very nice starter kit of lip colors for only $20. Times Square- muted pink beige, Bianca- soft dusty pink, Be Merry- mid-tone true warm pink, Glitter- rich red- violet, Last Dance- true brick red. The colors are gorgeous! Check them out HERE

I am a HUGE horror movie fan. I've also been getting more and more into cooking. I thought this apron with characters such as Dracula, Wolf Man, Mummy, and Frankenstein so sick! I love the polkadots and retro flair too. This looks like so much fun to wear in the kitchen. I might have to buy it for myself soon. Check it out HERE

Every girl needs a nice boot selection. These silver ones from H&M reminded me of outer space! Check them out HERE

This Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Face Mug from Think Geek is another must have for the kitchen. My favorite thing about it is how it features both the nice and evil side. I wouldn't mind sipping some coffee or tea out of this. Check it out HERE.

If you love DC Comics and Pinup Girls, this would be a sassy addition to your robe collection. This Batgirl robe from the DC Bombshells series is available HERE

Here's something for everyone. I've been absolutely obsessed with loose tea leaves lately. I used to always go to Teavana but recently one of my friends introduced me to David's Tea and I've become quite the customer. It's a bit more affordable and has an out of this world selection of delicious teas. They have very nice tea sets too. Check it out HERE
Last on the list for today, is this Betsey Johnson telephone purse. The phone purse is very charming and also features a retro phone headset that plugs into any cell phone. My favorite part about it! Check it out HERE


Xo Nubia Xo

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