Super Hero Facial Mask. Skin Care Love!

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Hey Nubians,

How fun is this facial mask for enriching your gorgeous skin?! I love it so much. Now that I'm past my mid 20's, I get paranoid and try my best to keep my skin healthy and as nourished as possible. So many of us young woman love beauty and wear makeup almost everyday. It's important to let your skin breathe and pamper it a bit too. I try my best to keep a nice glow and keep my skin looking radiant so I can age gracefully. Let's be honest ladies, we all want to keep our youth for as long as we can. 

I adore taking care of my skin and this intensive lifting black eye mask has so many good qualities. First off, I like the fact that it looks like Batgirl or Catwoman because you all know I love DC Comics and have my geek girl tendencies. It also makes it fun to wear. Below are the details of the facial mask and the great affects it has on your skin. 

The unique 3D cut and MultiPoint-injection weave, make sheet conforms to skin.
180 degree lifting technologies which help skin restores lift and make eye contour
look younger and firmer. It combines Tripeptide and Hyaluronic acid to intensively moisture and help lift and bring new life to eye area.

Features: To intensively moisturize and help lift and bring new life to the eye area.

Usage: Put the mask on under-eyes skin, and rest 10-15 minutes after cleansing.No need to clean after peeling off the mask. Gently massage the remaining serum for better absorption.

I put this on over the weekend and clearly you can see I was having too much fun maybe ha ha. 

If you like the facial mask and want to check it out, head on over HERE.


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