Manicure Monday: Christmas Nails!

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Who's excited about Christmas and the holidays in general?

I am! Thats for sure. I personally celebrate Christmas and its tons of fun. The holidays affect the way I dress, do my hair & makeup, my mood, pretty much everything. People like to say that there's magic in the air during the holidays and I'd like to think thats true because I think I can feel it ;-). 

This post in particular is about holiday nails! It is Mani Monday after all and I love a good manicure. I went looking online for inspiration and founds tons of beautiful nails for some holiday cheer. Some of this nail art is very easy to do yourself and some you can probably just buy online such as press-ons. After Thanksgiving I plan to do my first nail real christmas inspired manicure. 

I hope you get inspired below! Let me know if you do. 

Reindeer nails are very simple to do. You just need the right colors, a small brush and a bit of patience. This Rudolph the red nose reindeer manicure is totes kawaii.

Snowmen nails are a must! Snow is like little pieces of angel dust gracing you with it's presence (until the next day when it looks like crap). You can get creative with this. I love the silver and white combo in the photo below. 

Press-On nails are always a quick and reliable option. You can find so many great designs on Etsy. I found this photo via google images and I thought it had a nice array of everything from Santa to snowflakes and candy canes etc. 

Tree light nails are soooo cute and extremely easy. I'm going to totally try this out. 

Go green nails! Try trees or just red and green glitter. Traditional colors are always nice. 

Lastly don't forget about Santa nails! Ho! Ho! Ho! 

Happy Holidays my loves! 


Xo Nubia Xo

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