Mani Monday: Color Pop Nails!

by - 1:43 PM

There's Nothing More Fun Than A Pop Of Color! 

I love giving myself little D.I.Y. Manicures. Taking care of your nails is key girls! No one wants to look at busted hands. We don't all have enough time to go get mani's done constantly, and honestly, sometimes I rather be in the comfort of my home.

I wanted something cute and quick this week. I picked up L.A. Colors Craze in the #646. It's a bunch of colorful dots. It's also a nail hardening product and I picked it up for a dollar! I layered it up twice and my friend pointed out that it reminded her of those old school Necco Candy Buttons you would get in the candy shops way back when. 

It also just makes me happy to look at because I love to be colorful. Color through clothing and beauty light me up!

Have a nice week! 

Xo Nubia Xo

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