CoverGirl x Star Wars Collection Review.

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Hello My Beautiful Nubians,

“Do. Or Do Not. There Is No try.” – Yoda

The CoverGirl x Star Wars collection is dropping next Friday, September 4th. Exciting stuff for all you makeup obsessed ladies out there. Lot's of lipsticks, nail polishes, & mascaras. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a few pieces from the collection to review, yay!

The collection consist of the following and I have highlighted the pieces I am reviewing.

Colorlicious Lipstick ($7.99) (Limited Edition)

  • Droid — Gold #40 
  • Lilac #20 
  • Nude #70 
  • Stormtrooper — Dark Purple #50 
  • Red #30 
  • Silver #10

Star Wars SuperSizer Mascara ($7.49) (Limited Edition)

The 10 COVERGIRL SuperSizer Mascara's are divided in half. 5 Light Side (Waterproof) and 5 Dark Side (Regular). The bottles include iconic Star Wars movie lines, unique to their corresponding side.
  • 5 x Light Side (Waterproof): “May The Force Be With You”; “Do, Or Do Not, There Is No Try”; “You’re My Only Hope”; “I Feel The Good In You”; “Luminous Beings Are We” 
  • 5 x Dark Side On-Pack Quotes (Regular): “I Will Finish What You Started”; “There Has Been An Awakening”; “Indeed You Are Powerful”; “You Will Meet Your Destiny”; “Immune To The Light”

Star Wars Nail Gloss ($6.99) (Limited Edition)

  • Light
  • Nemesis
  • Red Revenge

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Cheers my darlings! 

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