My 4th of July 1950's style.

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For the 4th of July I stayed in NYC. Part of me wanted to get away but I ended up staying and relaxing with my boyfriend for the 3 day weekend. I did an array of activities, it was super fun!

Things I did during my 4th of July weekend:

  • I went to the theaters and saw Transformers: Going back to my love for anything comic book related (even though I never followed the Marvel comics) I kept up with the movies. It was a bit strange not having Megan Fox... But the movie was the most action packed one and some people are saying it's been the best yet.
  • I saw Mr Poppers Penguins: Haha don't ask me why I went to see this movie but I did. I actually really enjoyed it. Jim Carrey did a nice job, but the penguins really stole the show! They're so freaken adorable! It was hilarious. I would recommend the movie. I want a penguin!
  • I went to the Beer Garden in Astoria: It's a nice open space to hang out and get beer pitchers. They had some live music also.
  • I ate at Panera Bread about 3 times haha, I love that place.
  • I purchased a pair of denim shorts at H&M.
  • I purchased 2 Barbie shirts at Uniqlo.
  • I went to Sephora: I tried to purchase an orange lipstick from Make Up Forever but it was sold out, womp womp.
  • I went to Central Park: I sported the lovely red dress you see below and enjoyed the scenery.

Wearing: Gifted Stop Staring 50's inspired dress, Betsey Johnson bow pumps, gla.MAR.ous rose clip.

I gave myself a patriotic manicure.

This fair above in Central Park may look fun but it's definitely only for little kids. My boyfriend and I payed and went inside, we literally left in two minutes... We couldn't get a refund either which totally sucked.
Always smile, you never know who's watching.

I try not to obsess over my body image, I'm pretty content. This dress I'm wearing is a gift from Stop Staring. It's sort of funny because I don't accept much gifts from companies. When I was approached by Stop Staring I was attracted to the dress not only because of it's 1950's/rockabilly aesthetic but because they explained their dresses compliment curvy girls. I'm petite but I HAVE CURVES and a small waist. I love this dress. Seriously. It reminds me of something Marilyn Monroe would be wearing. The flower clip compliments it perfectly! My brother told me I looked like I should be out kissing presidents which I thought was pretty funny.
To sum everything up I had a lovely time. It was much needed. How was your 4th of July weekend? Anything interesting?

Xo Nubia Xo

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