Watch 100 Years Of Fashion In Under 2 Minutes.

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Hey Nubians,

I recently bumped into this video 100 Years of Fashion Under 2 Minutes by GLAM and it's absolutely amazing. In 2 minutes, they highlight top style and trends from 1915 to today.

So if you've recreates any of these looks:  Prim and proper and Coco Chanel-ish in the 1960's, hippie chic like Farrah Fawcett in the 1970's or love some good satin and big hair like Madonna in the 1980's, this video is definitely worth a watch!

I'd like to point out that this video doesn't cover absolutely every trend from 1915 till today but I think they did a great job covering some key ones. I also enjoy the fact that they show a team doing hair and make up and dressing the model, Very Cool.

Which of the years showcased in the video is your favorite?

Xo Nubia Xo

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