John Frieda and NYC New York Color Beauty Haul.

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Who doesn't love a good haul? 

Lately I've gotten my hands on a whole bunch of make-up and beauty products I'm super excited about. I wanted to share a few I plan to review this month with you from John Frieda and NYC New York Color.

Let's start with the hair products because lord knows I need all the help I can get with frizziness this summer being that my hair is so thick and it's going to be very hot.

1) John Frieda Frizz Ease KeraFlex - A keratin infused hair spray that provides shape + finish and claims to create frizz-free styles.

2) John Frieda Frizz Ease Expert Finish - Polishing serum that controls fly-aways and boosts shine.

3) John Frieda Frizz Immunity Primer - Eliminates frizz at the source. Works from the inside out. 

4) NYC New York Color BB Creme Line - We all know how effective in making your skin look wonderful a good BB Cream can be. Being that this is a drug store brand that's fairly affordable I'm very curious and eager to try these NYC BB products. Here you'll see an Instant Matte, a Bronzed Radiance creme and a Perfecting Powder. 

5) NYC New York Color City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eye Shadow- I'm hoping these black and white eye shadows live up to the 24HR promise they make.

6) NYC New York Color Smooch Proof Lip Stains and Intense Lip Color - These colors look very pretty. I'm planning to do a NYC Haul video with all the makeup soon. I'll make sure to provide some swatches. 

I featured these photos on my new dripthat account. dripthat is an awesome new app that I've been enjoying playing with because of it's neat features. I can post a photo or video and I can either make it public or choose who gets to see it. Also, I can choose to have the photo up anywhere from 2 minutes up to 90 days. Unlike instagram, dripthat also lets me upload various photos at once and create a cool slide show. Fun stuff! I'm a total tech head so I always love to keep up with new fun apps. You guys should check it out because it has a community where you can follow your friends. 

There you have it! All fun new products I'm just waiting to review. It's always good to enjoy what you do and boy do I love playing around with makeup. 

This information is on behalf of dripthat.

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