For The Love Of Flats! A Shoe Poem.

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Hello Nubians,

You know what I love? The feeling of fashion and comfort. I love cool, edgy flats. Whether they're shoes or sneakers, flats rock! Sometimes people frown upon flats because they don't compliment your body as much as heels and give you the height boost. Well they shouldn't! Flats now-a-days are super edgy and cool. Below read my Dr Seuss-ish type poem haha for my love of flats.

¿Sabes lo que me gusta? El sentimiento de la moda y la comodidad. Me encanta zapatos bajitos cheveres. Si son zapatos o zapatillas de deporte. Muchas veces a las mujeres no les gusta los zapatos bajitos porque no complementan tu cuerpo tanto como los talones y no dan el impulso de altura. Pues no deberían! 

For The Love Of Flats.

Though I love the height I get from my heels
It still doesn't beat how my flats make me feel!
Still looking stylish and incredibly chic,
And I barely get blisters on my feet! (cough, cough heels)
I can skip through the park and never get tired
and though at times I wish I felt a bit higher...
Don't get me wrong,
Heels are fabulous, but they still don't defeat
The winning sensation of pretty flats on my feet. 
-Nubia Mejia

Now don't get me twisted, I love a bad ass pair of heels as much as the next chic. But especially for Spring/Summer, my love of flat shoes and sneakers elevates to new levels.

Below check out some of my favorites I've been spying on from some online shops! Some edgy, some cute. Perhaps they will fulfill your shopping needs.

Abajo pueden ver algunos zapatos que me parecen super lindos y coquetos. 

Urban Outfitters- Miista Kalia T-Strap Sandal

T.U.K. - Polka Dot Fox Flats

Steve Madden: PURFECT

Xo Nubia Xo

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