St. Patrick's Day Style.

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Call is Cliche but I love wearing green on St. Patrick's Day...

Whether it's hunter green, leaves green, neon green... it just has to be GREEN. It's fun to look cool, stylish and comfortable on St. Patty's Day, especially if you're going to the parade. I've shopped around on the internet and was able to find some cute items I thought you should check out for your St. Patrick's Day beauty and fashion needs. Some cute and out-going items for you to get inspired by/try to channel/get the look. If all else fails remember you can always throw a bunch of green glitter and stickers on your face :) 

Rita Paid Headwrap from gla.MAR.ous.

Zipped Crepe Shirtdress from ZARA.

Maybelline 'Gusty Green' Plush Silk Eyeshadow Palette.

Arena Girl Gladiator Heels from Go Jane in Neon Green. 

Essie Electric Green.

Hudson 'Nico' Skinny Stretch Jeans (Graceland Green) at Nordstrom.

Now go have a few nice cold beers for me! Be safe and have a great time. 

Xo Nubia Xo

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