Oversized Tops For Spring Fashion.

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Hey Nubians,

Love rocking your lovers shirt?

You know, oversized stuff? I love wearing long boyfriend shirts or sweaters that convert into a really mini dress. Right now, here in Vegas the weather is perfect for this. The sun is shining and there's a nice breeze blowing every-so-often. 

I also find that when I wear really short stuff, if it's not too hot I like to wear over the knee boots... adds a lot of sex appeal. This was a really cute, easy, stylish, urban vibes look I put together a few days ago. Minimal clothing and minimal makeup. Never fear however, I am wearing a pair of shorts under there believe it or not. 

Wearing: Over the knee boots 'Forever 21', Sweater 'Beautiful Giant'. 

(Check out Gene Simmons Hello Kitty!)

I love this outfit because it makes me feel like I was on a date and perhaps I was wearing a crop top under with shorts and my date gave me his sweater to keep me warm haha how romantic right?!

Do you love wearing your boyfriend clothing or just oversized clothing in general? 

Xo Nubia Xo

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