NubiasNonsense Covers New York Comic Con 2014.

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Hey Nubians.

As many of you may know I cover New York Comic Con every year. I grew up with too older brothers which made it very easy for me to get into comics and art. I literally lived and breathed X-Men cartoons on Saturday mornings, It felt like an animated soap opera to me.

This year I couldn't make New York Comic Con in person which is sad because I won't get to see the cosplayers or participate BUT NEVER FEAR, I have a great team of people covering for me on behalf of

Tune in everyday for updates about cosplaying, art, writing, culture, and more! Hooray!!!

Here are some of my cosplay outfits from the past years of NYCC... Emma Frost "The White Queen", Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art girl, Batgirl, The Punisher, Ms Captain America, Mario.

P.S. I will also be posting more content about Comic Con on my new pop culture site Please do swing by and check it out :) 

Xo Nubia Xo 

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