Why I'm Thankful...

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Hello there my dears,

As you all may know I post a new project every week over at IFB and I participate in them every so often. This weeks is special... It's about being thankful. Like many of you, I have gone through more than my fair share of situations in life... But that's completely normal. All in all you have to remember everything is just a learning experience and every situation you've learned to survive has only made you a better person and stronger.

The cool thing about this post is that it's also a sneak peek into a more personal Nubia behind the one that you see strutting around on NubiasNonsense.com. Enjoy

I am thankful...

  • I have a family that has supported me through my best and worst
  • My brother is my best friend, and my slawbug Marbear
  • I have 2 beautiful dogs I love deeply, even though they secretly hate me
  • I have a roof over my head and food on my plate
  • I jumped out a plane and didn't die
  • I've loved deeply once, and it was worth it because I was loved back
  • I'm able to walk alone
  • For my friends, the REAL ones
  • I have 5 tattoos that I don't regret
  • That I'm talented (or so I'm told lol) I work hard!
  • I truly believe I have a guardian angel, I put myself in horrible situations sometimes
  • I grew up writing poetry
  • I party hard and live to talk about it
  • Comic books and cartoons and art! 
  • I found my beauty within
  • For eyeliner
  • For coffee
  • I'm great at Hurdle Turtle
  • For my closet that has clothes bulging out of it
  • For my health even though it hasn't been the greatest but could surely get worse
  • I have motivation that keeps me going
  • I can rhyme like Dr Suess yo!
  • That my co-workers all love me hahaha 
  • I won an award for soccer
  • I've met the strangest people EVER lately... they're pretty dope
  • I grew up on Nas, Wu Tang Clan, Tupac and Biggie #Music
  • I was always passionate about fashion and I haven't lost it yet
  • For concealer, oh dear God thank you!
  • For erasers to fix small imperfections
  • I have a mean volleyball serve
  • I've had the strength to accept things I did not want to, and the power to overcome them
  • That I've recovered from horrible paths I was heading down
  • For being a social butterfly! I'm the sweetest thing 
  • For Pizza! God I love it
  • Chocolate
  • Oversized bags
  • I'm brutally honest, take it or leave it
  • I meet dapper gentlemen
  • I have a distinct point of view... I study things before I open my mouth.
  • And much, much MORE.

A special thanks to YOU... you know I was going to do it right? How could I not thank you guys for following me in my NubiasNonsense journey. I'm so thankful to have people all over the world reading my nonsense. Thank you SO, SO much from the bottom of my heart. 

What are you thankful for? I wish you all a nice holiday weekend and get your black friday shopping on! Or Brown Thursday or Cyber Monday... Whatever. 


Xo Nubia Xo

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