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I wrote a poem this morning. I had to triple think before publishing it. I used to write A LOT before (I kind of don't anymore as much as I'd like to). My life has been all sorts of cray cray lately. The good thing about having various issues at once is you can't focus too much on one of them haha. I don't expect anyone but myself to really understand it, but it's a glimpse. Enjoy.


Tick tock tick tock
Look at the time
Life keeps running it's course
With no remorse towards your feelings or sentiments
Let's have a motherfucking party! Yeah!
With fashion people in cool gear, pretty cocktails, overflowing glasses all night.
Drink up sweetheart.
And when it's done... let's knock ourselves out so we won't face reality.
Love, my love or where could you be?
When ya claws started looking Krueger, and your spirit drunken Bueller
I guess you lost sight of me..... That's okay.
I'm tired.
I'm smart.
I'm dumb.
I'm happy.
I'm mad.
I'm pretty.
I'm lit.
But I have enough grace to manage all of this.
You see, I'm not good at hiding what I feel, woopsie.
You can see it in my face.
You can tell when I'm chillen, when I'm feeling out of place.
But you'll still never know what I won't tell you because I'm nice like that.
I draw and write poems.
I'm honest.
I might be one of the most honest people you'll ever meet in your life.
You can hate me for that, I don't mind, but down the line.... you might love me more.
I won't support something fake or sugarcoat your bullshit, sorry.
You are who you roll with homeslice.
My stages in life move forward not backwards.
My brain has a fucken hamster on a wheel inside! Sometimes the wheel's screw becomes a little loose, time to tighten up.
I'm an entrepreneur learning how to unwind my talents so I surround myself with talent!
Sometimes I'm too trusting, take it from me... Don't be.
I like fashion because it's ever changing like myself.
I'm not the caterpillar that turned into a butterfly.
I'm the caterpillar that turned into a butterfly, that turned into an eagle, that turned into a tiger, that turned into a dragon.
I wonder if I'll be a martian next?
I have my moments of weakness... I roll into balls and cry.
But I have my moments of glory too.
I love coffee and an occasional cigarette... I drink too much whiskey.
I curse too much.
I am far from perfect.
I've learned to forgive but I'm sometimes too forgiving. It's easy to be easy.
I've been dealt shitty hands lately.
Doctor told me: Anemia, hole in my stomach, Kidney stones and perhaps more.
Ouch! It hurts but at least they can stop calling it "stress"
It would be easy to be easy... wouldn't it?
I'm not easy.
Call it denial or "call it what you want"(NKOTB), I'm tired of things slowing me down.
Ignorance is bliss, but I'm not ignorant.
Seems to be the best way to deal with things these day, your homemade medicine.
Life is beautiful. I'm blessed and I constantly remind myself.
I'm smitten starring at my chihuahuas eyes.
I love puppies.
Little furry ol' things.
I feel that writing is just as therapeutic as talking.
I've also learned I'm a lot like my writing style.... A bit messy?
Who likes a square anyway.
I can tell when you're desperate. Know that.
When I believe in something or someone I support it to the end... I'm that kind of person.
My love feels amazing. Could be your new addiction ;-)
I've been told I'm crazy hahaha that's OK.
When you give me a challenge, IT'S ON SUCKA!
I'm dysfunctional.
Never Underestimate Being Incredibly Awesome
When I start writing, I don't like to stop... Writing endings is quite difficult.

Peace, Love and Style.

Nubia Xo

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