Lanvin Fall 2011

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Hmmmm thoughts on this Lanvin Fall 2011 video? The irony is obvious being that the song chosen (Pitbull) does not fit the aesthetic of the line at all!, but for some strange reason I sort of like it... Maybe, A little, Perhaps? Bleh I'm torn.

But most importantly... What do YOU think? Maybe you'll help me makeup my mind on it too.

P.S. Alber at the end is fantastic though.

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the Lanvin campaign ad. Yes I am bias because Lanvin is my favorite designer but I like that they are being playful and not taking fashion so seriously. The beauty of the clothes still shines through their silly dance moves and the club music is just a way to relate to the masses and make fun of high-end fashion's sometimes stuffy attitude. Even though Lanvin is clearly to expensive for the masses one can still dream!

  2. Lmaoooo I love it! Proof that models can't dance and that fashion can have humor! Love love love it!

  3. Oh, Alber is just so freaking cute! The designs are so impeccably flawless. It's a little awkward the dancing but I feel that high fashion can be fun and show off some mad skills.

  4. It is kind of weird to see skinny white girls trying to shake it and failing miserably but that is half the fun of the video. Loving the clothes, don't really like the rest.

  5. I absolutely LOVED it! the music was everything..i think it was chosen for that same reason...sort of like a line between the classic and the modernness that gives it that extra kick to everything...also, the lack of ability of the models to dance the song was superb...very well thought you know...LOVED IT!


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