Mixed Prints, Lunar Eclipse... Say it ain't so!

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Yesterday on the #IFBchat VP trend analyst Susan G from Stylesight said "Prints haven't even begun" and that gets me very over excited. To be truthful, MY CLOSET IS A MESS RIGHT NOW and half of my clothing is probably in the hamper. I feel like I've been dressing very "blah" for my style preference as of lately... So I'm in need of some major reorganizing.

Wearing: Shoes purchased in Colombia, MG top, Thrifted maxi skirt
My brother told me the press was calling the moon "Strawberry Moon" on Wednesday night. It was huge and left you in awe if you starred at it for too long. It almost looked like a pink dyed over sized mozzarella ball haha. I couldn't get any great photos of it unfortunately no matter how much I zoomed in so there you have it.
This Make Up Forever hot pink lipstick shade has been my favorite for the last month in case you haven't noticed. You can see me talk a it about it here.

Lovely chatting with you all, What's up? Who's as happy about patterns as I am?


Xo Nubia Xo

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