I am a Fashionable Frisky Feline

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Hear Me RAWR
OK so in all reality I'm allergic to cats haha. But so what! I love kitty pictures. Lions, Tigers, Jaguars.... Something about the feline frenzy is completely alluring.
Leopard print is one of my endless fashion loves. To me it has become timeless. To some it still might be considered a trend, But with my taste.... it's Timeless. I will never feel like leopard print is "last season" or anything I truly adore as a matter of fact.
I've been very busy lately but don't worry I'll be back with more regular post soon!

Wearing Andre Assous shoes, Forever 21 sheer leopard skirt, Limited Too denim jacket, Misc Tank Top

I hope you all have a nice weekend!!

Love Always

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Wow! You weren't kidding about how blonde you went. I really like it for the summer. Thinking about going lighter, myself. :) :)

  2. haha love the sketchy gray van behind you ;) Aw you dyed your hair! I kinda was hoping you'd go with the red hair vibe. Congrats on all the IFB stuff, love the chats :)

  3. Lovely pics! Love Lions they are my fav animals...and you are right Leopard is timeless!

    The Black Label

  4. Leopard print is a classic! I love cats, and I'm slightly allergic to it too

    Live Life in Style

  5. I'm so in love with leopard. Although it's not in style right now, it always makes a comeback.


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