Super Skyline, Oh My.

by - 12:30 AM

Thursday I hung out with Vanessa from 24blogazine which lives in Queens! Hallelujah! Seems like people only know about Manhattan or Brooklyn these day haha. We were in Long Island City, Had a Lovely lunch at The Breadbox, and Enjoyed the mesmerizing skyline.

Vanessa helped me take some of my pics, As well as the short clips of me in my video. This week NYC has had seriously crappy because of rain. Seriously, I don't know how all my Seattle bloggy buddies deal with constant rain! Grrrr! Makes me mad! However, I don't let a little water scare me off, I'm still chillen like a villain. Ummm I've ran into a few strange things on the web this past week (fashion thingy ma jiggys)... Expect a post about that soon.

Monday I have an awesome post going up! I got to interview designer Stacy Igel From Boy Meets Girl who recently spoke at the Fashion 140 conference. She's such an inspiring woman and amazingly sweet. I'm a very "vibe" person. If you give me a good vibe, awesome! If you don't, Please prove me wrong! I'd love that.

Enjoy the photos and my short video! Toodles Poodles.

Xo Nubia Xo

Wearing Thrifted fringe top, London Blues Denim, Calvin Klein stockings,Wedges purchased in Colombia

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  1. I have heard this is the best view of the city...I do need to get out there and check it out! Glad you and Vanessa hung out!

  2. Love the top!! Those pics are great love the skyline in the back...for taking a picture and hanging it on the wall isn´t it?

    The Black Label

  3. Love your top. Gorgeous. x

  4. You look gorgeous! I love this entire outfit! And the skyline looks beautiful!

  5. how adorable are you and that video. it makes me want to give youtube another try. love the outfit too btw.

  6. Beautiful pics ! Love your style ! Thanks for your visit on my blog !

  7. You're so gorgeous. I love the outfit. Amazing denim shorts.

    Come visit me
    Karoline Kalvo

  8. What beautiful shots, you look so beautiful... the skyline... your style... love it..
    Take care!

  9. i love ur top and ur jeans are so cool!

  10. loving the top and the background,amazing!!!and the hat is so lovely!!!:))) enjoy your day!;)

  11. i am with you on the rain! it making me so angry but im not going to let it affect my plans. YAY queens!


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