Bold Brows and Fun Colors!

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Once upon a time I used to get my brows threaded by some lovely middle eastern women. They were very pleasant, fast, and gave my eyebrows a nice shape. HOWEVER, Dun dun dun (horror music) In order for them to achieve this nice shape... I slowly but surely noticed they were thinning out my eyebrows. By the time I really realized it, It was too late. I stopped going to the threading ladies and went through a strange werewolf-like phase where I let my brows grow back. It took a few weeks and it wasn't pretty. The moral of this story is: Threading women aren't evil. I'd like to think of it more like you have to be VERY specific with what you want. My mistake was I didn't stick to one lady I kept switching like some sort of brow whore. If I ever went back I'd choose one lady and stay loyal.

Anywho, I love thick brows. They give the face character and definition. Maybe not everyone is a fan or feels that they can pull them off but they're absolutely to my liking. I always look at everyone's eyebrows... Is that weird? haha Brow Stalker! Like you have beautiful eye......brows =). I think colored brows are rad and should be used a lot more. I've seen a lot of European blogs where people will literally go and dye there eyebrows. I thought that was a bit bizarre for me being that I would only want colored brows for specific occasions. I read a post on Glamour's Young and Posh where Christina from TropRouge filled in her brows with color (shadow) and It worked nicely. I wanted to try it our for myself and share it with you. Also, this can be washed right off so I don't have to walk around with it until it grows out.

I've made a video and included photos as well. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

The brow O.G's (Original Gangsters or .... Girls, whatever)
Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor Marilyn Monroe, Susan Cabot

Here you can see that I have one brow filled in dark brown with my Bare Minerals Auburn powder and the other is filled in with a blue-ish color from an Urban Decay palette.

No matter what color you pick... BOLD is awesome!

So yeah... Coolness conquered. Spring/Summer fun! It is currently Sunday evening and I'm off to spend some quality time with my Lover.


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