Atlantic City Birthday Bliss.

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Hello sweets,

Last week it was my friend Mary's birthday. Woooo chea chea! Anyway, We went to celebrate in Atlantic City at Dusk. It was a fun night. We started pregaming in the room with beers and vodka which lead to some light gambling and lot's of dancing. My boyfriend George visited me which was pretty cool. He was there playing a tournament and he's a former WSOP ring holder (Just saying) ha ha. I went to the club, dropped it like it's hot, stole ya girl, turned my swag on, my hands went up (pause) and they stayed there!! You following me? Good. Oh, and I taught you how to dougie ;-).

I didn't bring my SLR to the club with me, so these are just some random photos my friend Pam took.

Great times. However, the real juicyness started on our way home. Mary was driving her car and about 20 mintues out of A.C. we caught a flat tire! It was a nightmare. We had to pull over by some odd looking fertilized grass and wait there. I hate bugs and Mary was telling me that my body was going to be taken over by deer ticks and that I'd catch lime disease and die! Well.... She said something along those lines. After that I thought birthday over!!! and I hated her for like 5 whole mintues because my whole body started itching all over. About 5 minutes after that I loved her again though, so it's all good.

My boyfriend kept begging me to stop wondering off because he claimed there was bears in the woods that would eat me. A few minutes after that we saw a freaken hawk in the sky, Yes, A HAWK. I'm from N.Y. and I never see freaken hawks. It was very pretty though. All of us eventually started talking about UFO's and shapeshifters and freaky paranormal events. Have you seen those UFO video's on youtube? well do yourself a favor and if you haven't DON'T! But if you're interested I could mail you a link Muahahah (evil laugh)

Alright I'm blabbing on now. After about 4 hours of crap we all finally arrived home and we lived happily ever after!

Xo Nubia Xo

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