Marvel x Tokidoki Tee's

by - 11:43 PM

What's so good about Marvel x Tokidoki? EVERYTHING! How freaken adorable/kick-ass are these! I want them all.

I've partial to the manner in which the Marvel and Tokidoki characters are interacting with eachother. At first, I thought they would be fighting and such, but they're so cute and friendly together. Kawaii!
Who's excited to see Thor? I can not wait! I'm a little over anxious... maybe? a tad bit? The trailer looks MARVEL-ous (get it? ha ha) and I'm a sucker for both comics and Natalie Portman.

If you want to see all of the tee's you can check them out on the Tokidoki site here. I am absolutely planning to purchase a few of them... They're only $28.00! Sounds heavenly to me.

Other Tokidoki collaborations I enjoy: Mimobots x Tokidoki and Sephora x Tokidoki.


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