Twist & Pout Lip Moisturizer Giveaway

by - 6:47 PM

Hello Lovers,

This weekend has been quite a blur. Sorry for my absence. I was working with a promotional team to help promote an internship with Mara Hoffman! I hope the lucky winner appreciates it, because she is pretty damn brilliant.

On another note... I wanted to give away this super adorable lip moisturizer from Twist and Pout.I did a little review video as well so you can know some perks about the product. Just to say a few things about it here I'll say....

A. It smells so yummy I want to eat it!
B. It has a very appealing presentation.
C. It's SPF 20 so you can keep those lips pretty.
D. Made from mostly natural ingredients.
E. I said it's good!

(I will be giving the Twist & Pout Moisturizer I am holding below away)
(I'm wearing it below)

**My Giveaway is open to all countries so feel free to enter and spread the word to your friends. To enter simply leave a comment below.**

Check out Twist & Pout and Follow them on Twitter.

I have to run. MUAH! Keep those lips pretty. I'll be back soon. Trying to plan some cool post for the next 2 weeks. I'll be back soon.

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Your look is so cool! Lovely pics :D


  2. Ooo, looks really cool. And sounds pretty. I'd love to enter.

  3. Hello Nubia,
    I like your blog very much I'm reading it daily,hope I'm lucky enough to win!
    If you like check my own blog
    it's brand new and i'm very proud of it.
    Thanks a lot and greetings from germany
    Kiss Eve

  4. Hey! I discovered you on Chictopia, and just signed up for blog lovin' and you are the first blog I added :) You are so pretty, and have an amazing style. I hope one day you're a big youtube beauty guru! Best Wishes. And wow that lip gloss is cute!

  5. Love the platforms and the multi-colored nails! So great.

  6. Omg loveeeee your shoes, and you look stunning with that make up :D Great honey

  7. enter me please :)

  8. these are so rad!:)
    please enter me, love!

    u look really pretty btw! no lie.
    you have a very pretty face.

    Happy Saturday!

    xoxo, Bree

  9. enter me

  10. I really like this ! :D
    I'd like to enter...

    Check out my blog as well, I love yours!!

  11. are you just starting out with youtube videos? you're doing an awesome job. and i love your fashion sense!

  12. This looks really cool!
    Enter me please! :)


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