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Hello Sweet Cheeks!

I've been uber busy! I made a short review video I will share with you guys later this week, along with a lot of spring cleaning. I've seen a lot of new visitors on my blog and that makes me super excited! I don't know how a lot of you get here and frankly who cares?! I'm just glad you've made it and I hope you leave with a bit of inspiration and come back.

I wanted to make a Nubia's Nonsense collage for the my new visitors. Some of you might remember some of these looks, some won't, It's a small mixture of things. I wish I could add more but I don't want it to be more photo heavy because that would be annoying for you to load.

Enjoy! and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I stick my tongue out a lot haha. I hope you enjoyed the photos. There's been a lot of good and glad times and I'm glad to see I'm still actively blogging because unfortunately, A lot of my blogger friends vanished. I'm glad to be meeting new people every day.

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. beautiful photos!

    come and check out my blog on:

  2. I love this post!!!

    It's so cool to see how varied your fashion is. You have such a unique sense of style! Please, continue to post outfits!

  3. Definitely enjoyed looking through these pictures. You look gorgeous in each and everyone.

  4. ha throwback! That's awesome... I know we all have those pics.

  5. Looove all your outfits soo much babe!! True fashionista Mwah! xx

  6. you're so pretty and have great style!


  7. You could make a garbage bag look chic!! Yowzaaa! xoxo Danielle

  8. i love the collage! you are crazy with colour!x

  9. I love that yellow jacket with the puffed sleeves.


  10. This is a great introduction to your style. I love that you have fun with what you wear and aren't afraid to vamp it up.

    xo, Ashley

  11. i love your black and yellow eye makeup!

  12. haha love this post! It's great to see people's style evolve. That fur cape is FAB! I also think yellow is a great color on you ;)

  13. You inspire me to wear more colour. Killer collage!


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