The Rose: How I made the Sun Shine

by - 5:42 PM

Hello beautiful-beings,

So NYC was experiencing all these lovely Spring days lately, It's been a glorious thing. The winter was harsh and when the sun comes out to play we must all celebrate! However, today was a nasty day! I woke up this morning and heard rain drops on my window and it snowed last night... TOTAL BUMMER, YUCK!

I decided to use my Super Fashion Blogging Powers (I only use these in case of emergencies) and decided to channel a beautiful rose in an effort to change the weather into blossoming Spring. Don't you know... I'm really Wonder Woman? Remember this? (printed proof) Anyway, yours truly came through in the clutch and BAM! POW!, The sun shone, the winds calmed down a little.. and by about 3p.m. we were all back to enjoying Spring weather.

You're Welcome ;-)

Wearing Forever 21 high-waisted skirt and shoes, We Love Colors thigh highs, Vintage top and Purse.

P.S. Any one going to TopShop 6ish to see the 214 Zine launch? Might see you these.


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  1. Oh wow loving the pic where you show off your tights. How daring of you lol, too cute loved it.

  2. Great post. I love your makeup it looks so retro. The blouse is darling as well. See ya tomorrow!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. Super cute! I can't wait for Spring to come back to NYC :)

  4. Love the floral shirt and the colour of the tights, it's so spring feeling!

  5. great hair and make up girl! wish you a great weekend


  6. Wow you look beautiful and the red lipstick looks great on ya. xx

  7. Your hair and makeup always look so damn flawless! I love the bright colors, esp. the tights!

    xx, becs

  8. Hey, Nubia, sweet girl! ;) Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You are so much fun to watch on the photpgraphs. Not saying that you are absolutely beautiful as well!


  9. thank you for stopping by my page! I don't know how you found my little nook of the blogging sphere but I appreciate the encouragement you left. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY beautiful by the way! And I like how you have fun with your fashion. Getting Dressed is so much better when you have fun doing it...


  10. love this! so much fun and color. you have a really cool blog and personality :)

  11. Beautiful outfit! I like your shirt!
    Thanks for visit!<3

  12. oopsies! I accidentally wrote my comment for this post on your other post! sorry about that!

    so I was saying. I absolutely ADORE vintage<3

    nice flower top!

    Happy Saturday!

    xoxo, Bree

  13. love your outfit very colorful!

  14. your powers never cease to amaze me! wonder woman, i should have guessed ;) your bright florals and tights are so bold and lovely.


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