Tibi Fall 2011

by - 9:40 PM

Yesterday night I attended the Tibi runway show for Fall 2011. Amy Smilovic has done it again. She has managed to keep her confident, classic look and still make it look attractive to the youth (or at least I think so).

Dresses and coats are what the line mainly consisted of. A lot of sheer and lace was seen going down the runway as well. This was my first time live I got to see a model trip and mess up in person at a runway show. It's something I would usually see on T.V. or read about, but nope I SAW IT! Thankfully this model was very gracious and recovered smoothly by taking off her shoes, keeping her head up high and finishing her walk. I don't know what I would do under such pressure with so many people looking at me. I seriously applaud her.

My personal style leans towards all sorts of direction but I was particularly enjoying the hot pink knit skullies, the gold flats, and the socks under the heels. It gives the line a bit of a urban flare.

Below please enjoy some of my favorite looks from the runway.


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