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Hey Sweet cheeks!

Just a quick random post. I wanted to gather your thoughts on a few things I found pretty interesting.

Hello Kitty Zombie @ Hot Topic

All bow down to the kitty! or the dead kitty? Whatever. I always liked zombies since I was a young little Boobie. I use to watch all those horror movies and cartoons. I always found them enticing. Now I know this might sound sick, But something about Hello Kitty wanting brains with blood oozing out of her makes me HAPPY. I really want the double ring. So what do you think of the Hello Kitty zombie line?
Holy Erdem! These are so kick ass! The Erdem Fall 2011 Ready to Wear collection was on fire. It seems so astronomical. To view more check out here (and thanks for the pics). What do you think about the collection? Thoughts are appreciated =).
Blinged out UGG's?
Lastly, I know these have been around for a while but I hadn't mentioned them. Last Fall UGG teamed up with Swarovski Crystal to make this one of a kind City boot. The limited edition boot cost $800 BUT keep in mind it's a Swavorski Crystal skyscraper... Who doesn't like Swavorski crystals! In addition, These boots can only be purchased in NYC UGG Australia stores... they're exclusive. So Darlings, What do you think of these? Yay or Nay?
I'm out for the night. Be back soon.

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Oh, I love love love the erdem collection!! it's so cool.

    haha I'm going to have to gave a nay to the uggs, though :P

  2. Erdem always blow me away. I wish i could afford something (anything) from the pattern king of the world. x hivennn

  3. I love my Uggs, but I have to draw the line on a $800 pair. I would much rather have some Louboutins for that price. Also...I like Hello Kitty alive, thank you very much ;o)

  4. gorg collection of colors/patterns. not a fan of the nyc uggs though ;/

  5. Hey guys....

    Erdem is like total madness. One of my favorite collections I've seen recently.

    @Maddy: I like UGG's I was never the biggest fan but I never hated them either... I guess $800 is pretty steep but for people who like them A LOT being that its only available in NYC I guess that's sort of cool

  6. i think the blinged out uggs are way over priced!


  7. I love that hello kitty is at Hot Topic!

  8. I love the hello kitty zombie...the classic dark look but still awesome...maybe because of its colors being attributed black and pink...really rocks!!!


  9. Nuuuuubias!!! Do you remember me??? It's Dakota!! I used to sketch beautiful pictures and then write about them!!! I'm back to blogging now, hellllo! It's so good to see you're still here!!!! Hope you're well and you're having an AWESOME year so far!! XX

  10. I'm loving those boots, I really want to see a side view!

  11. amazing outfit!! :)


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