Oh Dear (4 for the price of 1)

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Hello Dears!

Boy oh boy, I have to be really honest...It feels GREAT to relax. I adore and look forward to New York Fashion Week as much as the next fashionista BUT it can sure suck the life out of you energy wise. It feels great to curl up in bed with some green tea, Splendid!

I feel very grateful I was able to attend so many exceptional events. You can see some of my coverage on the post below. Inspiration is an amazing act of life, It's an amazing feeling because where you see nothing... I might see everything. I love feeling INSPIRED and I recommend you all look for what tickles your fancy in life.

Over NYFW I was invited to the "Blogger Lounge". This was such a chill, comfortable atmosphere. This event was put together by Looksbooks and Fashion Indie. It was a success. Many bloggers attended to sip on wine, eat snacks, get their nails done, get bedazzled gems, get their eyebrows waxed, get a massage and even a spray tan! And of course mingle with one another. Seriously soothing. There was also Wi-Fi so you can chill and work on your blog post if necessary.

Wearing: Madonna Material Girl trousers, Betsey Johnson Purse and Cardigan, Forever 21 sunglasses and Polkadot shirt, gla.MAR.ous zipper headband, Wicked Wednesday sneakers.
My new buddy Lester (Fashion Indie) interviewed me and I was gifted a pair of Manolo Blahniks courtesy of Fashion Indie as well. I can't wait to show them to you guys soon. All in all I had a pleasant time, Thanks guys!

I believe this ensemble is from the day I went to see the Jeremy Scott runway among other events.
Wearing Vintage vest and blazer, Charlotte Ronson/Diet Pepsi T-shirt, Levi jeans, Anne Klein loafers, Uniqlo hat.

The outfit below was from the night I went to see the Tibi Runway.
Wearing Levi Jeans, Misc Fringe dress, Uniqlo hoodie, Pedictions mary janes, Thrifted trench coat.

This is the day I attended the IFB conference. I love this jumpsuit. I didn't get to take a lot of photos wearing it, but it's sleeveless so I will surely wear it again on a warm Spring day.
Wearing H&M cardigan, Bamboo wedges, Gracia jumpsuit.

I probably have a bunch of other pictures floating around in my sin card but I'll randomly post those later on.

There will be a few small changes coming to NubiasNonsense around the end of next week. I won't get into it yet but I'm excited.

Toodles Dolls!

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Wow girl, your outfits are so cute! The jumper is sick!!!!!! I absolutely love it, the blogger lounge looks like so much fun!!! You're such a model! xx

  2. Great post. That looks like a fun event and I can't wait to see your Manolos..superjealous lol. I love all your outfits too

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. I completely understand! This weekend has been 100% detox for me as well! But what a cute event!! I can't wait to attend all the blogger events in the Fall...although I will be exhausted after those as well!

  4. i love your brogues on the first outfit pic!!! oooh are those cupcakes!totally craving them! You got all that at the bloggers lounge??? thats so cool!

  5. You are too cute! I love your pink shoes. And I'm super jealous that you attended all of these fabulous shows!
    xo Josie

  6. I love your outfits from the Tibi and Jeremy Scott shows! That hat is so cute!

  7. such nice shots darling. thanks for sharing
    hope you're having a good monday.take care

  8. How exciting about the Manolos...can't wait to see them! I, for one, am glad Fashion Week is over! I've missed some of my favorite bloggers that have been MIA attending shows :) Glad you had a great time though! You and Mary look adorable in that pic!

  9. My favourite is the pink-black look with the mint green details but I love the other looks too! Hope you had a great time and now just relax!

  10. I can't believe we missed each other at Tibi! But loved your outfits - and I agree, I'm so glad to relax after a week of crazyness!

  11. yes! i remembered seeing you at the IFB CON, the jumpsuit caught my attention from a far and i said wow! you have killer style! thanks for the comment on my blog :) now following you!



  12. Loved the jumpsuit! I was so impressed your makeup lasted all day. What do you use?

  13. Wow looks like you had a great time! Your outfits are ridiculously fabulous!! You're amazing.

    p.s. thanks for the lovely comment. Hope you stop by again.


  14. hi! thanks so much for visiting me :)

    love your outfits here.. and you're seriously gorgeous!!

    i'm following you now.. would love for you to follow me too!

  15. Wish I saw you for more than two seconds at IFB!

  16. Cute outfits! You always look so unique and fun :) Lucky you that you are in NYC to attend all these events!! I got invites, but unfortunately I live on the other side of the continent *sob* I shall live vicariously through you.

  17. Great post, love all the outfits, very fashionable ^^

  18. You look so gorgeous in every photo girl! I adore your makeup, it's flawless! So excited to hear you were at NFW! xoxoxoo

  19. Thanks for the comment! I'm following you now :)

    you're so cute! i love your outfits :) I hope you had fun!

  20. Sounds like an AMAZING time, and you look amazing. X

  21. Hola muchas gracias por visitar mi blog y por tu comentario, espero poder verte mas seguido.

    Me gusta mucho tu blog, tienes un estilo muy original.


  22. LOVE Love love your blog. And how exciting, your NYFW sounds great! Love the look for the Blogger Lounge, especially the trousers and shoes. Also you looked spectacular for the Jeremy Scott & Tibi Runway shows.


  23. Aaaah fabulous babe!! You look amazing in all your outfits! Missed you! Mwah xx

  24. I love every single outfit that you wore, they are all so stunning and so put together!! :)

  25. Sounds like you had an amazing time...love all the photos. Glad you're finding some time to relax now!

  26. you have such a great blog... I can't believe I am only finding it now!
    I will be following on BlogLovin'

    xx Laksmono

  27. ahhh this is so awesome! You NYC bloggers get all this great stuff!! You look amazing, I really love your floral jumpsuit!

  28. Aw looks like you had a great time at fashion week. super jealous! :)
    Thank's for visiting my blog :) your's is loovely. follow?


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