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by - 9:06 PM

Hello Lovies,

I didn't abandon you, I have simply been a busy bee. I picked up my boyfriend from the airport yesterday, He had a pleasant time in Taiwan. I was looking through a few pictures he took a few minutes ago. They're all pretty random and I thought I'd share some.


I've been working on a few changes for my blog this week but NEVER FEAR! I will be posting some cool stuff later this week.

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see the changes :)

  2. Yeah I know.. I wish I could have gone and explored.

  3. I really like the pics, thank you for sharing :-)

    Thanks a lot for commenting on my blog, would you mind following eachother? I'd love to as I think your blog is pretty great :-)

  4. HI Nubia!!!

    Love your Blog! My name is Giovanni Cassinelli and I rep Christys Hats in NYC and the East Coast. I wanted to invite you to come to our showroom and look at our brand, and perhaps have something interesting to blog about. I'm on 28th and 7th across F.I.T. School - you can email me at Giovanni@Christyshats.com - would love to show you what's new for Winter 2011 and what the stores are receiving now for Spring/Summer.
    Giovanni Cassinelli

  5. HI Nubia -

    I wanted to tell you I love your Blog and the fashion you present. I wanted to invite you to come to our showroom across F.I.T School on 28th and 7th to review our line Christys Hats. I am the rep for this hat brand in the East Coast. Please come visit the showroom so I can show you whats New for Winter 2011 and what we are shipping right now for Spring/Summer - you can email me at Giovanni@Christyshats.com

    talk to you soon!
    Giovanni Cassinelli

  6. Wow the beauty of Asia...I can't wait for changes in your site my love...


  7. I love the Pattinson drawing! haha

    Miss Neira

  8. You got a very nice blog!

  9. you look amazing girl! I love this look. your hair is amazing, you have such beautiful Spanish looks! :)



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