Erin Fetherston Fall 2011

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The Erin Fetherston show was very classy with the perfect touch of sparkle to liven up her line. Beautiful shades of pale pink, beige tones, and black graced this fun presentation. The presentation had photographers on set which gave it a really playful vibe, the models were posing and being fun/quirky. I was pretty obsessed with the braids the model were sporting as well, They're so romantic! Reminds me of this side braid I sported not too long ago here (just a bit).

Enjoy the photographs below.

Check out the tassel belt on the black ensemble above, beautiful.

I also Recorded a small clip of the show. Sorry if it's a little shaky, I was carrying a lot of stuff.

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  1. aww wish I was there! My day at L.Center was not quite as successful for getting into shows :( maybe more to come!

    I love the braid too! I just did a wrap around the head and then down to the side braid for the Toni Francesc after party! It was fun!


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