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Life is all about Discipline, and boy do I HATE Discipline! I really lack in the department. I am horrible at following my own guidelines for God's sake.

Today I finally took my guitar out of hiberation. If you remember, It was one of my New Year resolutions to learn to play it. I always wanted to learn, ever since I was a tiny little Nubia. I guess I never took it upon myself or got pushed hard enough to learn. But yes my friends I am NOW determined, very eager and excited. Who knows what sort of levels of magical awesomeness can come out of learning something new.

Back to discipline, it is so important to lead a successful life. I feel that I'm getting a bit better at it in a subtle sort of matter. Here are a few way's I've improved my daily life.

Nubia's Keys To Discipline
-Forcing myself to wake up earlier
-Even though this gets a bit messy at times, I tend to put post-it's all over my desk reminding me to do things.
-I have a to-do list for the month and sometimes it's very helpful to have one for the day.
-Consistency: This is key.
-Find out what holds you behind and consumes your time in a non proactive way, and change it. Target the problem and fix it.
-Follow through!
-Make sure to cross stuff off your to-do list...It gives a sense of accomplishment
-Make rules for yourself... and maybe even punishments when not followed (no shopping for a month...yikes!)
-Visualize: Think of how much better your life will be if you learn to be strict and stern with yourself. I bet it's a pretty picture, no?

Our minds behave in a peculiar, funny way. It's hard for me to explain at times. When you have a corporate job, Lets say for example a 9-5 you will do what it takes to look good. You wake up on time, you make sure to do all your daily assignments, you listen to your boss and try to do as much as you can to be in his/hers good grace. WHEN YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS YOU SLACK. "I can wake up late tomorrow" "Those email's can wait" "I guess I can chill out and get back to working on stuff later"

It is a freaken battle with yourself.
I struggle through this, so I thought it was important to bring it up. For those of you who are on this boat with me, you should take my advice and discipline yourself. You will feel better within a few weeks, I guarantee. Though it sounds easy, it's really not! Especially if you're stuck in your own habits. Good luck!

I lost my voice completely about 3 days ago. It set me back a bit but it's almost fully back and so am I.

This morning I woke with the mind set that I couldn't really go out because I wanted to be fully recovered tomorrow. However, I did get dressed because If I stayed in my P.J's all day, I would've probably been really lazy and not gotten much done. Also, My hair is pretty dirty at the moment unfortunitly. I didn't want to wash it because I didn't want my condition to worsen, so I did this cool side braid. It was real easy, it took me like 2 minutes.

I wore my boyfriends GAP corduroy pants, Uniqlo black T-shirt, Limited Too cropped denim jacket, Forever 21 oxfords

Bambi has identity issues.
Do you have any tips to share for good discipline or healthy routines? Please share below if so!

Ciao Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. I need to work on my own discipline too! It's always a struggle I tell you. By the way, I love Uniqlo too!

  2. I'm a goal-oriented person. I try to write down things I want to accomplished for the day and for the month. Try do small tasks. They really do make big difference in time. Also try reading books and life success. They help a lot.

  3. Right, I'm determined to learn how to play the guitar as well. I bought one a few years ago and gave up learning really quickly.

    That's such a cool outfit. I love the trousers and your hair looks really good.

  4. aww cute trousers my dear looking good...and yes I love the posts...I also need to discipline myself lately...I am missing a lot of inspiration and I need to focus again...


  5. @Sherin: I know what you mean, it's so easy to give up the Unknown. I'm really trying to be hard on myself for this one.

    @Freya: Thank you I love my little baby

    @Sweet: Finding Focus is hard. You have to keep going at it. It's the most important thing to do.

    Thanks everyone xo

  6. So cool that you can wear your boyfriend's trousers! It fitts so good on you! The dog is so cute!
    I hope you will show us how you play the guitar soon! :-)

  7. First....super cute outfit!!

    Second.. I totes know where you're coming from with the discipline.. I constantly have to remind myself to not get distracted. I've got post-its on my desk at work, i've got scheduled alarms on my cell, I've got a 'to do list' app on my igoogle front page, you name it I use it!

    Plus I'm an uber geek, so I wouldnt mind playing video games for hours on end and completely forget my tasks for the day/week. So I actually bought myself a dry erase board to put on my desk at home. So that whenever i was on my computer, i could keep track of tasks and progress. And do you kow its still sitting in the shopping right next to my computer?!? haha!

    Thanks for this post! You've reminded me how important it is to keep striving to reach my goals!

    PS.. Good luck on the guitar lessons!!!


  8. I read this great post about getting stuff done:

    damn girl, way to rock a crop top. I recently saw one with long sleeves from the 90s at the thrift store and passed it up... major "non buyers" regret...

  9. That's awesome. Hopefull you stick by your rules and learn to play!

    Love the braid.


  10. @Pammy: Thanks for your suggestions, Phone alarms are def something I should do being that I have an I phone and all. It's just hard to be your own boss sometimes.

    @Melina Bee: Thanks for the complement and I will def check that post out

    @B: Thank you

  11. Discipline is literally an unknown word for me!!! :P I think your tips can be really helpful! I intend to follow them! Hope they'll work for me too! Thanx!

    Love, Lena!

  12. I'm the same way with discipline. I used to be much better at it, but now I find that my time management skills are out of wack! Here's to both of us finding our stride in the new year :)

  13. i totally feel you. discipline is one of my weaknesses. but waking up early definitely helps :)

  14. Thanks Ladies.

    Lets all be positive and strict with ourselves. It can only lead to prosperous results.


  15. You looks great girl! Love the red on you!


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