The Shiny Bow

by - 12:55 PM

Hey Everyone,

Happy 2011! Yay, isn't it awesome? I'm really happy the New Year is here, It's great to have a fresh new start.

I really adore the Talbot's cardigan I'm wearing in this outfit post. It's so soft and warm, I found it on a vintage rack. It has great detail on it. I couldn't not buy it.
The sequin red bow is actually from my gla.MAR.ous zipper headband. Since I have to option of taking the bow off, I detached it, put a pin on the back, and then clipped it on my shirt.

Wearing: Talbots vintage sweater, CA boots, gla.MAR.ous red bow, Zana di shorts, Misc knit top, Karmaloop clutch.

Tell me about your New Year =)

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Great vintage sweater! Love the bow too, looks so good! Happy new year!

  2. Hi darling. hope you're off to a sweet beginning of 2011. you look so cute here. love the make-up

  3. so cute!

    i was in NYC for NYE and i brought the new year in at good restaurant in the west village. it was the perfect evening!

    the snow sure is pretty but i sure don's miss it now that i am back in cali.

  4. i really love this, am a big fan of bow ties and yours is so glam! I hope you had a new year!

  5. What a cute idea with the added a lot to the outfit! Hope you had a fantastic holiday : )

  6. You are too cute! Love how you paired the headband as a bowtie, you savvy girl!! Hope you had a fabulous holiday and here's to ana amazing new year!

  7. Love the cardigan!! Really festive :) Happy New Year x

  8. lovely cardigan! and bowtie :) i like ur blog! and defenetly i'll follow u :)
    thanks for visiting my blog! hope u come back and maybe follow :)
    follow me on:

  9. Love the outfit! and you blog is sick! ill be following. x

  10. ahw you look amazing! cute outfit :)


  11. Happy New year! You look awesome babe!! xx

  12. You are gorgeous! I definitely will be following you. You have great style.

  13. Wow!
    Your blog is really beyond awesome!
    It's way more unique than the others I've seen, although there's are good quality blogs too, your blog is just so fun!
    I LOVE the background behind your blog's title, it's so cool!
    Now about this post, I love your outfit, that cardi is too cute, and I love how you turned the bow, from being on a headband, to being a bow tie, it worked so well with the rest of the look, casual yet so very stylish! :)
    Thanks a bunch for the comment!
    I will most definitely be following your blog!
    I really need to get my own domain....


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