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What is love
Oh baby, don't hurt me
Don't hurt me no more

I think Haddaway had the right idea. I saw Blue Valentine a few days ago directed by Derek Cianfrance and starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. The movie was very "real" to say the least.

Derek Cianfrance tells the story of a young couple struggling through various ups and downs...but more downs. The film goes back and forth between time periods of a young couples relationship and how they fell in love. Though there are a few blind spots in the plot that leave you wondering, overall I would say the movie was fantastic but very sad in a realistic way. If your looking for your "fairy tale" ending, look away! Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams gave such a raw performance. The chemistry between the two was undeniable. I've been a fan of Gosling for sometime and he delivered as usual. I was very impressed with Williams, It might be her best performance yet in my personal opinion. I've heard people say she wasn't "likeable" in the film but honestly she's not suppose to be. She's a confused young woman looking for more out of life. The movie has a very gloomy and nostalgic scenery. Every scene matched almost to perfection the emotion they were going for. The music selection for the movie was one of my favorite things about it, It has a very 1940's-1950's vibe to it.
All the little details between Dean (Gosling) and Cindy (Williams) were on point. Every little touch, every little stare, every little giggle, I could almost literally see the butterflies flying in the beginning of their romance. But like many young romances... Life and obstacles got in the way and Cindy starting to slowly fall out of Love. Dean was blind to this through the years, and was a hopeless romantic who truly believed love would get them through anything.
Now Dear Readers, I have a question for you all... What does one do to keep to flame lit in your relationship? To keep your heart thumping? It is a hurdle every couple has to eventually overcome. Here are some quick tips I gathered for inspiration to you all.

Ways To Keep Your Relationship Flame Flickering
-Be Spontaneous (Just don't over-do it.)
-Have a good court-ship -Get small gifts for your partner. Even if it's a dumb Hallmark card, make them laugh occasionally.
-Surprise Meals (Do it up nicely, it's very easy)

-Compliment each other
-Leave random post-it notes with cute messages on them
-Share moments, Have inside jokes.

-Have good sex. Make a connection. (It's very important)
-Be Mysterious Sometimes (Go away, don't always say where you're going)
-Be corny sometimes (by this I mean corny sweet) you have to limit this though because it might become sickening haha.

-Get him/her tickets to their favorite show
-Party separately occasionally. It shows confidence and it's appealing.

-Make sure to always laugh together.

These are just a few small tips. If you Google "How to keep your relationship going", you can probably find hundreds of tips all over the internet. After watching Blue Valentine I thought it was appropriate for inspiration. I am in NO WAY promising these will work, especially when your dealing with a long, complicated relationship. I think if you feel something is worth saving, it's worth a shot. Don't regret it not trying for something you believe in.

Blue Valentine is in theater's now and definitely worth seeing. From the tweets i was reading, It seemed to be a wake-up call for a lot of people and hit home. Check out the Soundtrack also out February 15th.

Oh and By the way... Ryan Gosling singing and playing the ukulele? PRICELESS

Xo Nubia Xo

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