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Hello Dears,

Today was a rainy day here in NYC. I'm one of those people who get's affected by weather. It's hard for me to be in a bright or chipper mood when it's so ugly out. I start procrastinating and wasting time and it actually royally pisses me off when I act that way. Don't you hate getting mad at yourself?

I am extremely anxious for the arrival of Spring. I can't wait for the weather to be gracious. I'd also like to see different colors, skirts, and light jackets in the streets. It all sounds so refreshing!

Orange was a big color on the runways for Spring 2011. Check this article by The Cut here to see a bit more on the topic.


(Omg This is a hot take on Wilma Flinstone)

What color are you looking forward to this Spring?

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  1. nicki minaj is so wicked with her hair colors. and those orange DMs are cool.

  2. I get the same way when the weather is crappy! (That's why I moved from Boston to LA!) Color definitely does lift the mood though!! I'm looking forward to rocking some fuchsia this spring!!

  3. The orange looks so great in all these pics! I am excited for bright pinks! xx

  4. I'm the same a winter funk! Hope you feel better, you got Vegas in a month and your birthday!!!

  5. Loved your orange post babe! Mwah xx

  6. I feel the same way, weather can get me so down! A lot of people say, when you have to work it is not bad to have rainy weather cause you have to stay inside anyway....BUT I am always more productive when the weather is great and happier when it is sunny, so I work I know what you mean, and I want winter to be OVER!!!
    to the new spring color: I hate orange...


  7. I love the orange kitchen and the shoes so much!

  8. I'm so excited to see my pinks and oranges. I love the idea of bright colors.

  9. Mmmm orange colour is so yummy!!! great post =) u made me smile =)

  10. love the bicycle and nicki minaj's hair! so cool! :)

  11. YES!!! ORANGE!!! The spring colors are what's keeping me sane in this NY weather!

  12. Love the look of that orange kitchen! I also can't wait for spring, I think we had enough of this snow! lol


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