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Greetings Dolls,

I am so excited about February. My birthday is February 3rd and my boyfriend is taking me to Vegas for a week. Also, we have Mercedes Benz Fashion week which is always fab and excited, and I might be in a New York magazine late January or February... EVERYTHING IS JUST GOING TO BE AMAZING!

I found this pink dress while wandering through a vintage shop as I always do. I love the pale pink and the design on it. I also really enjoy the diagonal line. Everything mixed together just gives me this really funky feel.

The bowler hat always reminds me of the famous movie "A Clockwork Orange" by genius Stanley Kubrick. The movie is horribly disturbing but a piece of art one in the same.

Wear Hot Topic pink sparkle shoes, Vintage pink dress, Misc Bowler hat, Forever 21 stockings

Enjoy the song below. Ciao!

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  1. Enjoy Vegas and Fashion Week! Love the bowler hat. I forgot that it was worn in that movie!

    Embracing Style

  2. Did you read book of Burgess? :>

    You are very stylish girl! And yes, you're right this month will be amazing!

  3. Great post!
    Going to Vegas?? I am too jealous!
    Being in a magazine?? I'm soo reading it!
    Love this post, that dress is great, and the bright sparkly pumps give it a unique vibe!
    And the bowler hat is fantastic!

  4. Hi! Pretty look! Thanks for your comment!!! Kisses,

  5. Lovely pictures! Cute shoes!

  6. hey your blog is absolutely fantastic! I like your outfits so so much!
    I surely follow!
    Visit my blog and if u like it I hope you can do the same. I'm expecting for you.

  7. That dress is so amazing! Love the shape and prints on the dress! You look so cute/edgy in it; especially with the bowler hat and hot shoes!

    Anyway; I'm so jealous! You're going to have so much fun in Vegas & NYC! Do take more pics!

  8. did you get my comment. ? i just wrote a comment- but it disappeared.. let me know if you didn't.x

  9. Thanks for stopping by my have really cute style. Hope you see you again soon...


  10. thanks for the comment! love your blog!

    hope you find some vintage you love!


  11. Hi gorgeous!
    Love this look!
    So exciting about Vegas!


  12. I absolutely love this dress! I wish we had more vintage shops around here where I live, you look great! xoxo

  13. Love how you paired the flats with the dress and hat, have a fab time on your trip!

  14. Aaaah fab outfit as always babe! Congrats on everything, Feb is gonna be awesome! xx

  15. Hi dear! Thanks for your sweet comment! Your blog is gorgeous, so I follow you!!! Follow back?

    btw I'm in love with you shoes! <3

  16. LOL, i have a very similar pic of my cat's paws!
    cool blog, thanks for stopping by!


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