Love Me Blind

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Hello Dolls,

2011 feels like such a fresh start. I've made so many goals for myself and I entirely plan to follow through. I can't wait for this snow to stop here in NYC I am COMPLETELY over it. Snow is only nice when it's falling, but once it hits the ground... it is an utter pain in the ass.

Life is good right now. I have amazing readers,A healthy family, An awesome boyfriend, Good friends, I can't complain too much, even though it's in my nature to complain sometimes. What can I say? We always want more than what we have right? Go getter!

I have a lot in store for my blog so stay tuned and spread the words to your friends! =)

xo Nubia xo

Wearing: Charlotte Russe Boots, Grifflin gorgeous embroidered top, Forever 21 jeans, Ralph Lauren skully I stole(borrowed) from my boyfriend, Pashmina scarf.
Make-Up Detail: Loreal black liquid eyeliner, Mac del rio lipstick, Bare Essentials bronzer, Bare Essentials brow set.

I adore all the detail on this top, and it just so happens to fit me perfectly.

I ran out of closet space so I started hanging stuff on a tube close to my ceiling.
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