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Greetings darlings!

These upcoming days are going to be super exciting! I am going away to Vegas from February 2nd to the 7th to celebrate my birthday which is the February 3rd. I am going with boyfriend and one of my close girlfriends. BELIEVE ME I plan on having a great time! Maybe even beyond. Not only do I want to party it up, But I really want to go take a swim somewhere and generally relax. The snow in NYC might be a pretty sight the first day, But it's pretty damn unbearable after. February is an exciting month. I'm still making my calender up to see which events I am going to attend when I return. I also appreciate tips and invites, So if you live in NYC and know of something interesting you think I'd like to attend email me! I am trying to sort all my days out nicely. I plan to bring you all some cool coverage, street style photos from Lincoln Center and more!

Furthermore, I am attending the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference at Milk Studios February 10th. Let me know if you are attending. I am overwhelmed with curiosity and anticipation to see so many people and learn an overwhelming amount of information. I will be jotting down serious notes!

My Boyfriend is leaving to Taiwan the 13th (womp, womp) So we won't be spending Valentines day together. I have a back up Valentines date who's worthy enough to have been my first date in all honesty, and she's a great friend... simply lovely (But you can read about that later in the month)

Wearing Forever 21 harem pants, Vintage belt and sheer sleeved top, H&M faux fur collar, Vintage Purse, Merona riding boots.

I feel very blessed and fortunate in my life to have a great family, boyfriend, friends, AMAZING READERS WHO SUPPORT ME AND WHAT I LOVE, and a few other things. Sometimes I take things for granted but it's an innocent mistake and I'm wise enough to realize it.

I'll be taking my Mini HP laptop to Vegas so I'll be blogging from there =).


Xo Nubia Xo

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P.P.S. A HUGE thanks to my boyfriend for Vegas. I failed to mention it was his birthday gift to me. Love you!

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