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Greetings Lovely readers,

I'm sure your all looking dashing today. Where I'm located (NYC) it is February 1st. February is a great month (and I'm not just saying it because my birthday's the 3rd) but Valentines day is coming up the 14th. I know what many people think "You should show your love everyday, not put a date on it." Let's be honest though, It's become a holiday and your significant other is probably expecting a bit more affection than regular days.

(Smelling my Marc Jacobs Lola Perfume)

I know I have a lot of young readers, and the reason I'm mentioning it is because when I was younger I use to BREAK MY BANK on gifts and it's really not necessary. I think I was really afraid to disappoint so I use to go over the top with gifts. Sometimes It's better to put some real thought and time into your gift than just getting something expensive. I'll give you...

THE PERFECT EXAMPLE: I've been going out with my boyfriend almost 5 years and in between birthdays and Christmas, I've given him all sorts of gadgets. Watches, Cellphones, I-pods, nice clothing, etc. You name it! I get a bit upset when I see something I gave him laying around and not being taken care of (He does this all the time) The funny thing is I know EXACTLY which gift he has taken the best care of. You might not believe me but it's "Love Coupons" I made him a long time ago. He's had them probably 3 years in his wallet. They're stupid little cute things like "Free Massage" "Dinner on Me" "Get out of Argument Free Card" well, you get the point.

It's really up to you what you want to give your beloved and I think how old you are and how long you've been together makes a difference. Below I'm going to give some cute ideas for some nice, easy, thought out Valentines day gifts.

V-day Cute gifts:

-Love Coupons: Go on photo shop or some sort of editing program and really make them look like coupons. Make cute phrases or inside jokes also. It'll make him/her think.
-Make a Valentine inspired breakfast: Make heart shaped toast or pancakes. Add a flower as well. Be creative.
-Cute underwear or pajamas: This is always very affordable and really adorable. This gift is also good for him/her.
-Romantic Scavenger Hunt: Turn the day into a game. Hides letters and little things in different spots and make it a puzzle. Fun!
-Romantic Text: Send your beloved a cute text message more the usual for the whole day reminding them why him/her is appreciated. (I'm sure they'll know it's because it's Valentine's Day)
-Make a custom blanket: It could have different pictures and memories from trips you took together.
-Bake: Pink cupcakes, Heart-shaped cakes, etc. The tummy is the way to a mans heart (ha ha)
-Cute Photo Album or CD: Make a cute personal album with memories and decorate it, draw in it, go nuts! Make a CD with songs you dedicated to each other.

I would use any talent I have to my advantage. If I know how to play an instrument I would write a song. If I know how to draw I would make an amazing portrait, Being that I'm so into Fashion I would look for really cool articles of clothing and put together a unique, flashy outfit together for him. Run with what you're good at.

These are just a few of many ideas. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I like when people put thoughts into things, even my friends. Any one can walk into somewhere and buy anything BUT not every one will take a moment to truly think of you.

I hope this was helpful to some of you. They're basic ideas but I just wanted to remind people you don't have to break your bank to be romantic. It's over-rated. I prefer a pretty lamp or house decoration from a Vintage store (but that's just me) I hope you all enjoy you're Valentine's Day later this month and SPEND IT WITH SOME ONE WHO'S WORTH IT.

For my next post I will hopefully be blogging from Vegas. That is if my flight doesn't get cancelled for the 2nd time! Wish me luck! I have great stuff lined up for you this month.

Xo Nubia Xo

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