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Hey Guys,

Sorry about the mirror shots but in an attempt to make an outfit post it had to be done. I've had a lot of my mind lately, especially since the New Year is right around the corner. I am a little bit hmmmm shall I say superstitious about these things.

First and foremost I have to make sure everything is clean. I can not have a disaster in my room or my closet because I feel like it's bad karma. Secondly I need a new outfit. Maybe this one is just an excuse to shop ha ha but it gives me a fresh new feeling =). Have you thought of any resolutions? I've got a few that I'll share.

  • Put more time into my blog and change it a bit. (don't get scared lovely readers, it can only get better from here)
  • Attend more social networking events.
  • Try to make Feb one of the best months ( Now I know it's early but it's my birthday and NYFWso somethings got to give)
  • Create a workout routine (I don't think I'm over weight but I would like to tone. I want to have a very firm body and it' important to create a routine and stick to it at a young age)
  • Be more organized (I've been working on this one for years)
  • Shop less but buy quality items.

These are just a few. I'm sure I'll think of more before the New Year hits. Any who, Enjoy the pictures below from me hanging out in my Hotel Room after making a blog post.

Wearing le chateau fur collared vest, Charlotte Russe boots, Misc Pants, Uniqlo black v neck.

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