Holiday Cheer

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Hey Sweets,

I wanted to spread some holiday cheer. I know we don't all celebrate the same holiday, I celebrate Christmas. I was raised that day so I usually spend the day with my Family. I find it funny and odd I don't really have much on my wish list this year. I think I would be happy with anything really, as long as it's special and given with sincere and good intentions.

I wonder whats going to happen with Santa During this years to come? Is he going to have a Style transformation? Is he going to like become a robot or something. Is he going to get some pimped out super bling bling attire? I can only wonder...

So what do you celebrate? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

In celebration of the holidays, I wanted to spread some humor. Enjoy!

A quick shout out to Hanukkah Harry =)
I found this Santa Baby song with Images of Marilyn Monroe playing through the song. Such a classic, effortless beauty.

If your in the mood for a different sort of song, another classic by Run DMC

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