New York Comic Con #NYCC (my highlights)

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Hey Guys!

Today was the first day of New York Comic Con. It was a great, productive and very tiring day. Productive days are always draining but satisfying,therefore they're worth it.

I didn't want to keep my lovely readers which I adore and appreciate so much waiting, so I decided to highlight some of the things I did today. I will make more detailed post later in the week including a giveaway!
I'd like to cover the obvious first. Besides going to any specific panel or booth, there is always the general atmosphere of Comic Con. If you have been to any Comic Con before, I'm sure you know what I mean. Everyone is in their zone. Here are some cool photographs I took.

These ladies below did a great job!
Very cute Lolita below in the Anime Festival.
I absolutely LOVE Ugly Dolls

Nathan Sawaya has breathtaking Lego sculptures. He will be exhibiting his work at Agora gallery in Chelsea November 23-December 14.

How wicked is this dress?! it almost looks like she doesn't have legs.

I met with Jessica Smiley from Mimobot. She was an amazing, lovely person and very helpful and informative. I will be doing a more detailed post talking about these adorable USB memory flash drives below AND I WILL BE GIVING AWAY A 4GB one away as well courtesy of Mimobot. Thanks Guys!

I attended a Lolita 101 Panel. It was extremely informative. I really understood the Aesthetic behind Lolita inspired fashion even better then I did before. I will be going more into detail with this later as well.

Below you can see the booth for Okamiden. It's a really neat game where you literally draw color into your world (in the game world that is) Eric Monacelli was lovely to speak with and encouraged me to email him if I had any questions. Maybe I will try to maybe get a Q and A going. They have lost wolf flyers hanging all over Comic Con to promote the game, it's so cute.
Below is a cute lolita inspired girl.

I also went to a Bill Plympton panel. I must admit I wasn't very familiar with his work although I had heard great things, but he really won me over. He showed clips of his upcoming work and talked about his movie Idiots and Angels which you can see NOW in the IFC theatre. The New York Times is calling his movie "RELENTLESS AND BRILLIANT". If you would like The New York Times review you can click here. Plympton said during his panel, that he will be in the IFC theater everyday when his movie plays and he's willing to talk to anyone that would like to learn more about him and his work. This Oscar nominated man is extremely approachable which is something I ALWAYS value in people. Spread the word on his film.
Comic Con is so much to take in. I will be updating all through the week. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or email me personally. Also Follow Me On Twitter for more #NYCC updates .

Xo Nubia Xo

P.S I will be dressing up "Punisher Inspired" tomorrow.

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  1. wow, all the costumes are so amazing!

    I can't wait to see your costume!

  2. Nice pics :)

    Loveeeee your outfit <3


  3. Wow, I'm so jealous! I've been a fan of Plympton since I was a kid. I used to see all these weird shorts he would do... were they on MTV at night? I can't even remember, but I always loved how his animations were so detailed.

  4. I love crazy Lego art! I was recently in the Lego store in Rockefeller Center, taking some pix of their stuff.

  5. Thanks for your input every one.

    @ Ms Ten: Bill Plymton is a grand person

    @ Wendy B: Lego Art is awesome it gives me childhood nostalgia ha ha Check out the Chelsea Exhibit. I think I might

  6. Oh wow, how fun!! I've always wanted to go to Comic Con. The Avatar girls did an amazing job! Thanks for sharing ur pics with us:)

  7. I never attended a comic con event but from the pictures I can tell that I would love it. The Anime festival is the most appealing to me.

  8. Everyone's outfits are amazing!!


  9. WOW!!! what a wonderful event!!! i love the costumes...and I was amazed at their creativity as great that you were able to attend and post something like this...

    love your headpieces my dear...


  10. you look so cute darling- and thanks for sharing these photos
    it looks like fun!
    hope you had a nice weekend


  11. Comic Con is very fun.. There is something for everyone.. I advise anyone that can make it to go

  12. Thankyou verryy much for your comment!
    I love your blog so much, Comic Con looks so much fun too. so jealous right now!
    youve definately earnt yourself a new follower (:

  13. looks like so much fun! the legos are amazing

    stop by sometime<3

  14. NY Comic Convention! Loving the yellow blazer on you; and I'm not a fan of brights. You're gorgeous.

  15. cool event.

    yellow looks good on you!

  16. Ohmigosh Nubia you look cuter than ANYTHING! I love, love, love your headpiece, and your shoes, and your shorts! Gah! Too cute! I'm so glad that you had a fabulous time, my love!! :)

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have such a great one here! New York Comic Con looks like it was so much fun. I just got back from my first visit to New York and I loved it there soooo much! You must love living there! Very cute outfit, and I love the headband!

    Stop by again soon!

  18. I had some friends that made it out to Comic Con! Even though I'm not into comics, I bet anybody would have a blast at one of those events. BTW - where's your costume, girly?! I was looking forward to what you came up with! I hope we'll get to see it in the posts to come. And just so you know, I love those Ugly Dolls too! Saw them a year ago at FAO, and I was smitten at first sight!

  19. Wow! This looks so fun! And you look so chic in that outfit! Brilliant!

    Loving your header!

    Also thank You for your comment! :)

    Sofia Leo x

  20. it all looks so much fun! i really like your outfit especially the headpiece. btw i want a usb!!!!! lol

    thanks so much for commenting visit agian anytime

    Vi from Cali

  21. Really cool blog! Just found you through MidtownGirl. Now a follower :)


  22. One day, I will go to this. And San Diego's. Just so I can take photos of the outfits. Plus, I am a geek and love a lot of eh things at the conventions! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Comic Con looks so cool! I would love to attend one some day!

    Embracing Style

  24. i love your female "Punisher" outfit! i bet Comic Con is a crazy time! love everyones fun outfits.


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