Dirty Ass Soaps

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My brother Dean went to a fair about a week ago, and he passed along a business card he thought I might enjoy looking at.

Alison Kowalsky and Rob Kramer are behind Dirty Ass Soaps. I think these are the coolest soaps I've ever seen! Their slogan is "Getting clean is just as fun as getting dirty". These soaps are 100% vegan for those of you who are into that kind of stuff AND they are seriously so fun to look at.

I think these would make awesome gifts. I would totally give my brother the Nintendo controller or give one of my girlfriends a Sushi platter because I drag them out to have sushi with me all the time. In my opinion they make cute little gifts, sort of like of a memory you shared with someone.

I can only imagine the work that goes into making these, They look so carefully crafted. The detail I observed from the pictures left me in awe. Maybe I also like them so much because I have a high appreciation for individuals who make such impressive creations. I could probably never use them though but rather collect them.. I'm just one of those people.

The price range on these bad boys is anywhere from 5-25 dollars! seriously you can't beat that for the quality. If you like these as much as I do, I believe you can email the owners and even have a custom order. That rocks! This is soap art my friends.

If you'd like to see more visit their online store here.

Ciao dolls!

Xo Nubia Xo

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